Agency Overview

We are devoted to keeping the agency vibrant and solid, while keeping our clients profitable and on-target with their desired goals and objectives. The agency is divided into six main disciplines: Account Management, Creative, Public Relations, Production, Media, Direct Marketing and Strategic Planning (research).

The account management group is responsible for the day-to-day operation of service to agency clients. Account managers are selected based on their direct knowledge and experience of client goals, and they quickly become partners with their respective clients. They immerse themselves in the client’s business. It is also their responsibility to distill and convey client needs to the other departments within the agency.

The creative department is responsible for the creative "product" which, in the final analysis, is the wellspring of the agency. This department produces the creative against a well-defined, client-approved creative strategy.

The public relations department seeks to get that needed third party endorsement from the media by its submission and placement of feature stories, articles, and releases.

Our print and broadcast production departments are under the direction of proven professionals who strive for excellence on each project they manage. They make certain the creative concepts are executed to exacting standards within predetermined budgets.

The media department is responsible for the preparation and execution of the media plan and its ultimate execution/buy. Sahara has a reputation for trendsetting in media, staying abreast of exploding "new media" technology.

The direct marketing department is responsible for all prospect-oriented, targeted marketing communications programs to include direct mail, direct response advertising, lead processing, telemarketing, fulfillment and many other related activities.

Without hesitation, we would not only recommend Sahara Communications to other colleagues, but look forward to working with you in the future.

Saran Myers-Martin
Program Coordinator,
Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

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